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US College Application

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Our online course for international students applying to US undergraduate programs offers comprehensive guidance on navigating the complex admissions process. Covering everything from understanding the US higher education system to crafting standout applications, the course provides detailed insights into admission requirements, standardized tests, financial aid, and visa applications. With interactive modules, video lessons, and downloadable resources, students gain the essential knowledge and confidence to present their best selves to prospective universities, ensuring a smoother transition into the US undergraduate experience.

Course Curriculum

Md Musabbir

Mamoon Rashid

Possessing a distinguished academic background that includes a PhD in Neuroscience, an MBA in Healthcare Management, and an MEd in Educational Technology, Dr. Rashid emerges as an esteemed professional with a remarkable record. Accumulating 16 years of experience in international student admission and recruitment, Dr. Rashid is widely recognized for his resourcefulness in this domain. Having contributed significantly as an educator at two US universities for eight years, he currently holds the position of a senior eLearning developer with the US State Government. Driven by an unwavering passion for enhancing the entire spectrum of learning experiences for international students, he not only serves as a seasoned educator but also assumes the role of the founder and CEO of Aemers LLC and GREC Bangladesh. Dr. Rashid's multifaceted commitment to education and innovation positions him as a prominent figure dedicated to effecting positive change in the field of learning.

Khalid Saifullah Khan Juel

I am Khalid, a project executive at Aemers' Admissions Worldwide. I completed my HSC from Notre Dame College, Dhaka, and now I am a gap-year student.

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