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Commission Structure for Referral (for Outreach Development Partners)

When you register with Aemers as a referrer, you become our “Outreach Development Partner.”

You can earn by simply providing discount coupons to students. When a student makes a purchase using your discount code, they not only save money but also earn you a commission from what we receive. The amount you earn increases based on the total number of enrollments under your discount code in a given calendar month.

The sticker price of our web app is USD 200. When students use your discount code, the price becomes USD 180 (a flat 10% off). Based on the number of enrolled students using your discount code, you may receive up to 45% of the tag price (i.e., USD 90 per student in that month). The following commission structure provides a general idea of how the referral earnings are calculated.

College Walkthrough Price and Referral Calculation:

The usual tag price of the product is USD 200 for six months. It is a one-time purchase that automatically unenrolls the student from the web app after 180 days.

Note: The number of enrollments is always based on the calendar month (from the 1st to the 30th or 31st of the month).

Tier level

Number of enrollment in that calendar month

Tag price or sticker price is USD 200

Your unit earning

Your maximum earning in that calendar month

Tier 1

1 to 10

20% of tag price ($200)

200 * 0.2 = 40


Tier 2

11 to 20

25% of tag price ($200)

200 * 0.25 = 50


Tier 3

21 to 30

30% of tag price ($200)

200 * 0.3 = 60


Tier 4

31 to 40

35% of tag price ($200)

200 * 0.35 = 70


Tier 5

41 to 50

40% of tag price ($200)

200 * 0.4 = 80


Tier 6

More than 50

45% of tag price ($200)

200 * 0.45 = 90

(enrolled students under your code in that month) times 90

To become an Outreach Development Partner, please fill out this brief Google Form. We usually reach out to you within 24 hours with formal terms, conditions, and agreement contracts. To expedite the process, please send a message to our Facebook page at or write an email to [email protected].

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